Meet Israel's Cutest Attack Animal

"Endangered Mammal Deadly Blow to Palestinian farmers"


After the White Phosphorus wiped out the entire West Bank and Israeli Spy Eagles captured all of the secrets of Egypt and Turkey, the Zionist Entity unleashed its latest ruthless weapons.

The Rock Hyrax.

Endangered Mammal Deadly Blow to Palestinian farmers

Palestinian farmers have alleged that Israeli colonists have released a large numbers of rock hyrax behind the Israeli wall with the aim of harming Palestinian land.

The affected farmers claim it has taken them great efforts to learn the animal’s name and that they have been unable to handle the influx.

Great efforts. They googled it. It took a whole village. One man for each key on the keyboard.

If Israel were going to release some sort of animal to harass Muslims with, wouldn't it have picked something more lethal, like a whole lot of cobras or a herd of angry rhinos or honey badgers?

Release the Rock Hyrax! doesn't have the same ring to it.

Hassan Zaid, a Palestinian farmer, said that the animal locally named “Al Wabar Al Sakhri” eats both green and dried grass and trees leaving the farmers with serious losses.

“The animal does not leave anything thing behind and our lands have been destroyed.”

Zaid said that the animal lives between rocks and has taken to using holes in the Palestinian side of the Israeli wall as shelter.

That last part may be true; rock hyraxes like to live in small holes or cracks of walls and cliffs. It even says so in Proverbs 30:26: "The rock-badgers are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the crags."

So apparently the Rock Hyrax was a plot by King Solomon against a bunch of invaders from a religion that wouldn't exist for thousands of years.

The Rock Hyrax, unlike the Palestinian Muslim, is indigenous to Israel. Maybe that's why the "farmers" had so much trouble recognizing him.

Explanation #1. An indigenous animal is eating crops

Explanation #2. The Jews have unleashed a ravenous pestilence upon us

Explanation 2 helps explain why the Muslim world is so screwed up.