Pakistan Condemns Israel for Violating Syrian Human Rights

It's not a joke. It's the UN.

Before we begin, can you guess where this happened.

Was it

A. Disney World

B. An interfaith conference in which Pakistan pledged to protect the rights of its Christian minority

C. The United Nations

There are some 100,000 or so dead in Syria. So naturally Pakistan and the Islamic Group jumped into action to denounce Israel for violating Syrian human rights.

There's a lot of blather about occupied Syrian land, by which the Pakistani rep means the Golan Heights, and the rights of Syrian citizens, by which he means the Druze minority, quite a few of whom began accepting Israeli citizenship once Syrian began tearing itself apart.

Egypt denounces Israel for its occupation of Lebanon. Israel withdrew from Lebanon in the last decade. Hezbollah has kept the conflict going by claiming that Shebaa Farms is really occupied Lebanon, which Israel captured from Syria. Since then Syria has been willing to claim that it could sorta be considered Lebanon, without actually conceding its territorial claims on it. So it's a legal fiction.

Who lives in Shebaa Farms? No one.

And then Syria denounces Israel's repeated violations of human rights. Apparently in between the chemical weapons attacks and massacres, Israel snuck in and violated its human rights.

The United Nations and its even more absurd Human Rights Council actually takes three countries, one of which is involved in the region's bloodiest civil war in a generation, another of which is currently involved in a coup, and a third of which sponsors terrorists across the region, to denounce Israel's violations of human rights.

It's not a joke. It's the UN.