Escape ObamaCare by Joining an Indian Tribe

Members of Federally recognized Indian tribes are exempt from the individual mandate

This white guy could be you This white guy could be you

Want to escape ObamaCare, but don't feel like going Amish or founding the Church of No ObamaCare? There's still another option. The tribal option.

Members of Federally recognized Indian tribes are exempt from the individual mandate subject to verification of Indian status. Now you may be saying to yourself, "But, I'm not an Indian. Sure I've got a distant family legend about a Cherokee ancestor. But that's about it."

Well joining a tribe, like getting on disability, is not that hard and it doesn't actually require all that much. Some tribes are eager for more members and have fairly low entrance requirements. Some may require 1/4 parentage, so you're probably out there. But some go for 1/16th.

If you can fiddle around with some genealogy, you can probably go Cherokee. There's no blood quantum requirement. But Cherokees with a  written genealogy aren't your best bet.

What you want is a tribe with a few dozen members looking to boost its numbers, that has few genealogical records worth mentioning and will nod if you say that your great-grandmother was 1/4 something or other.

Start with a tribal directory. There are 500 recognized tribes. Look around for tribes that have inflated their voter rolls or have a sudden "boom" in membership. They're probably playing fast and loose when it comes to taking in new members.

Once you're a member, start announcing your minority group status to everyone. Apply to Harvard while claiming to be Native American. Go places wearing tacky jewelery. Demand discounts at Gap stores because they stole your people's land. Go Full Ward Churchill with it and start accusing everyone who celebrates Columbus Day of being Mussolini.

Then run for Senate. It's easy and fun and exempts you from ObamaCare twice over. Lecture everyone on how they didn't really build anything. Then take their money.

Some folks might accuse you of cultural appropriation. But they're probably just racist.