Nigeria Deploys 10,000 Islamic Cops to Arrest Men Wearing Shorts

Officers have orders to stop and search to make sure everyone obeys — including Christians.


Who hates Bermuda shorts? Nigeria's Islamic law Hisba control board really hates Bermuda shorts.

Islamic police in Nigeria's Kano state (24 percent literacy rate, 3.4% HIV prevalence rate, infant mortality rate don't ask) have solved all the big problems. Now they're dealing with the little problems.

Like men wearing indecent Bermuda Shorts. Apparently the Imams have succeeded in covering up all the women. Now they're moving on to the men. And then maybe the little boys.

Cutoff pants displaying a bulging calf? Sleeveless T-shirts showing off a well-muscled physique? Forget it in Nigeria’s northern Kano state, where Islamic police are deploying thousands of officers to arrest anyone sporting the “indecent dress” that’s fashionable among young men driving motorized rickshaw taxis.

“The way and manner some of the commercial tricycle operators engage in indecent dressing and carry men and women together is disturbing,” said Yusuf Yola, spokesman for the Hisbah board that is responsible for ensuring compliance with Shariah laws in Kano.

Yola told The Associated Press on Monday that 10,000 officers will be deployed to ensure the laws are enforced, including “a law in the state which prohibits gender mix in commercial vehicles.”

He said officers have orders to stop and search to make sure everyone obeys — including Christians.

Can anyone remind me why we keep trying to outlaw Islamic Law in America? I have trouble remembering sometimes.

Jamilu Hisba, another Muslim driver, agreed but said he would have to obey. “It’s against Islam, this forceful order, but they have power over us so I must comply because this is my means of survival.”

Oh that's why. Because theocracies run by power hungry thugs with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other are evil.

But the Hisbah Board doesn't have a great track record when it comes to enforcing morality. Just look at the time it tried to have a mass wedding.

Ahead of the third round of the Kano mass wedding, the Hisbah Board in the state yesterday started screening couples.

Our correspondent, who visited the venue of the exercise, gathered that about eight persons among the prospective couples have so far tested positive to HIV, while some women who came to seek spouses were found to be pregnant.

On why they applied for the marriage despite their conditions, a woman who gave her name simply as Umma said that she was not aware that she was still pregnant as she had earlier gone for an abortion.

The Assistant Commandant General, Women wing of Hisbah, Zahra'u Muhammd told Daily Trust that anyone who is found to be HIV positive or pregnant would not be a beneficiary of this mass wedding programme.

Looks like morals may be a bit lacking in Kano State. But once they stamp out those indecent Bermuda shorts, things should improve.