Oneida Chief Attacking Redskins Isn't Oneida or a Chief

He is an Obama fundraiser though


He is a casino kingpin and Obama fundraiser so that's alright.

As The Point discussed previously, Ray Halbritter is being misrepresented as an Oneida Chief in his attacks on the Washington Redskins, but he isn't actually a chief.

In 1993, the Grand Council of Chiefs removed Mr. Halbritter as the Oneida wolf clan representative and notified the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) that he no longer represented the Oneida people.

Halbritter heads up Oneida Indian Nation Enterprises whose prize is a casino built on land obtained through a lawsuit to "recover" Oneida land. But it turns out that not only isn't Ray Halbritter an Oneida chief, he may not even be Oneida.

The American Indian leader spearheading the campaign to change the name of the Washington Redskins is not a legitimate member of the tribe he leads, according to a New York State Assemblywoman, but rather an Obama crony who is raking in casino money and paying back only small stipends to his tribe members.

A microcopy of 1885-1940 Indian Census Rolls from the National Archives of the United States, obtained by The Daily Caller, disputes Halbritter’s claim to have one-fourth Oneida blood on his mother’s side. The Oneida Indian Nation of New York determines membership by matrilineal descent and requires “a blood quantum of 1/4 degree,” according to its constitution, submitted to a former official of the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1994.

The document lists Lucy Carpenter, Halbitter’s great-great grandmother on the “Census of Indians residing upon the Oneida Reservation who do not belong to the Six Nations.”

“He has no ancestry in the Six Nations but he has a lot of powerful friends in D.C.,” Tenney said.

Halbritter attended a January 27, 2012 fundraiser with President Obama in Washington, D.C. with 70 Indian leaders.

Previously Halbritter had flown under the radar. Some liberals attacked him, but most didn't even know he existed. Now with a rather problematic legal position, he decided to push himself forward as a political activist. That probably wasn't the smartest idea ever.

The Oneida Nation turned a $115 million profit in 2006, according to a report by University of Rochester professor Gregg Jarrell. Tenney claimed that Oneida annual revenue is now “really closer to $300 million.” The tribe directly  takes in “$8 to 9 million” per year in taxpayer money from federal and state governments for health care, according to Tenney.

But Oneida tribe members, who number between 450 and approximately 1,000 according to competing estimates, are only getting paid $4,000 per quarter, or $16,000 per year, according to a source.

And how much of that money ended up in Obama's pockets?

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