Liberals Happy to Denounce Jihadists... as Long as They're Republicans

We've heard more Democrats talk lately about Jihadists than after Nidal Hasan's massacre


During the Government Shutdown, we've heard more Democrats talk about Jihadists than we have after Nidal Hasan's massacre (the families of the dead soldiers are still waiting for them to be treated as casualties of war) or the Boston Marathon Bombing.

When Muslims kill somebody, then the jaws of life won't pry open a liberal's mouth long enough to talk about Jihadists and 72 virgins. But they find their voice when they're trying to insult Republicans.

What's truly contemptible about this is that the only time liberals are prepared to drop remarks about 72 virgins and the dangers of Jihadism is when they're not actually dealing with Islamic terrorists. It's as if they were willing to call everyone Nazis... but the Nazis.

Cartoons like this and congressional rants about Republican "Jihadism" show full well that liberals know what Islamic terrorism is. Their temporary moments of ignorance are a front.

They know damn well that Muslim terrorists are blowing themselves up and why. They just maintain a bubble of silence about it.

Beyond all the dishonesty, there's something treasonous about that. They are showing that they know about the threat full well. They just aren't willing to acknowledge it. The only time they feel safe denouncing the Jihad is when they're using it as a metaphor for the Republican Party.

Liberals will call anyone a Nazi... but a Nazi.