Voter Registration Jammed into Broken ObamaCare Website

The Dem strategy for a while has been to maximize low information voter turnout


This isn't surprising.

The Dem strategy for a while has been to maximize low information voter turnout. Jamming voter registration into any interaction with the government is part of that strategy. Getting a driver's license? Register to vote. Called for jury duty? Register to vote.

This doesn't have anything to do with promoting democracy, but with fighting the threat of knowledgeable voters who actually get the facts deciding elections.

ObamaCare seemed like a perfect voter registration drive.  A lot of low information folks coming to sign up for what they think is free stuff. Why not sign them up to vote?

Oh right, because it will break an already broken website.

The federal website that enrolls Americans in ObamaCare also asks applicants if they want to register to vote, raising questions about why the Obama administration would further complicate an already crash-prone website.

Because complicating crash prone things is how Team Obama does everything.

“The [website] launch has not gone well,” Nick Novak, a spokesman for the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, which noticed the voter-registration question on the Wisconsin site, told on Monday. “Why are they cluttering up the site?”

Novak, who has unsuccessfully tried numerous times over the past week to click through the site, also argues officials should have at least posed the question after customers sign up for insurance.

They couldn't wait that long.

Signing up voters is more important than getting them health care. This is about politics after all.