Lhota and de Blasio: A Tale of Two Scandals and Media Bias

The media has already selected its choice for mayor.


Bill de Blasio appeared at a campaign event together with Linda Sarsour who claimed that the NYPD killed Malcolm X, that the NYPD made up all the terrorists plots it stopped and that New Yorkers who celebrated Bin Laden's death were no better than Osama Bin Laden.

All the media reported about that was that Bill de Blasio was pledging to dismantle NYPD surveillance of Muslim terrorists in the most cheerful tones possible with no hint of a scandal.

Considering that the same media had cheerfully reported that there was nothing wrong with Bill de Blasio's advocacy on behalf of a Marxist terrorist group that had attacked a synagogue and burned Indians alive in a church, the wall of silence was not surprising.

Fortunately the media managed to fill the vacuum by reporting on a horrifying scandal about whom Joe Lhota did meet with.

Joe Lhota did not object Wednesday when three women — including a reporter and a female member of his NYPD security detail — were asked to leave a Brooklyn synagogue where he made a brief campaign stop.

A synagogue official hurried over to the three women in the group — a Daily News reporter, a Lhota campaign aide, and a member of his security team — and asked them to leave while the men were allowed to stay.

The Daily News article photo accompanying the story shows a woman holding a microphone up to Lhota. But let's say it did happen the way that the liberal tabloid alleges.


What's worse?

Bill de Blasio appearing at a campaign event with a woman who supports terrorists and compares New Yorkers to Bin Laden...  or Lhota not objecting when a Daily News reporter being asked to leave a synagogue.

Let's assume that both are wrong. Which one is 'wronger'? Which one deserves more condemnation?

You can now see a dozen articles rehashing the shocking synagogue event. Not a single one addressing the Sarsour appearance.

The media coverage of the election is relentlessly biased. When Bill de Blasio campaigns on a radical divisive platform, the media treats him like JFK. When Lhota criticizes Bill de Blasio's disastrous plans to turn over New York City to criminals, he's accused of being divisive.

Every story about Lhota contains a built-in sneer. A little nod by the media to tell you whom you are supposed to dislike. And every Bill De Blasio article tells you which side you're supposed to be on.

The media has already selected its choice for mayor. If we are to have a democratic election, instead of a media election, Joe Lhota will have to cut through the media bias and tackle the dirty truths the media doesn't want to report on.