Saudi Arabia Throws Tantrum, Refuses to Accept UN Security Council Seat

Saudi Arabia is angry because it wants UN backing for intervention in Syria


Saudi Arabia's foreign policy is usually on the canny and cunning side, so this tantrum is a bit odd. It certainly gives the Saudis a higher profile in international affairs. But higher profiles are something they usually try to avoid. And they would normally have left an international tantrum like this to a Gaddafi or an Assad.

Assailing what it called double standards at the United Nations, Saudi Arabia took the highly unusual step on Friday of declining to accept a rotating seat on the Security Council one day after it was invited to join the body for a two-year term.

The protest, made known in a statement from the Saudi Foreign Ministry carried on the official SPA news agency, said that “the manner, the mechanisms of action and double standards existing in the Security Council prevent it from performing its duties and assuming its responsibilities toward preserving international peace and security as required.”

The gesture reflected Saudi Arabia’s simmering annoyance at the Security Council’s record in Syria, where Russia and China — two of the five permanent members — have blocked Western efforts, broadly supported by Saudi Arabia, to pressure President Bashar al-Assad. The other permanent members are the United States, Britain and France.

So Saudi Arabia is angry because it wants UN backing for intervention in Syria. Russia and China have said no. Obama backed away from intervention after enough of a backlash. He would do it though if the UN said yes.

So the Saudis, who like to use American soldiers as mercs in their wars, are pissed. But the tantrum is already revealing.

The Saudis are suddenly trying to act like a great power. The laughable and insane visit to Russia offering Putin a terror-free Olympics if he signs on to Syria. And now an international tantrum of the House of Saud kicking its feet, cry and demanding that someone bomb Syria.

Despite all their wealth and international contacts, the Saudis are basically a parasitic US client state. And they're a parasite whose policies are destroying its host.

Russia and China don't have to take Saudi Arabia seriously. And they have no reason to let a country they consider a US client state dismantle an Iranian proxy, which is their oil-rich client state.

The Saudis have a better grasp on the facts of diplomatic life than the US most of the time. But not this time. The Russians and Chinese don't care if the Saudis throw a fit and turn down their UN Security Council seat. That just means the odds improve for one of their proxies.

And Obama will be too busy with illegal aliens to also bomb Syria.