Hillary Desperately Trying to "Obamize" her Image for 2016

Obama's people made the O into his brand. Team Hillary wants to do that with their H.

Its eyes... they follow you Its eyes... they follow you

First Team Hillary started the branding with a line of "Ready for Hillary" slogan (conceding that they weren't ready for her in 2008) and tried to copy Obama by selling a bunch of Ready gear.

Unfortunately the designs came straight from someone's horrifying nightmares. They would have made Lady Gaga hide in a closet and beg the designers to go away.

So now it's on to Plan B. Or Plan H.

Obama's people made the O into a big part of his brand. Team Hillary wants to do that with their H. They're calling it "Herculean" for some reason, even though that's not exactly the term you must associate with Hillary. But I guess it's better than the Harridan H or the Hapless H.

So they're replacing Hillary's horrifying ink drawn face that follows you everywhere with a giant H. Unfortunately they're still keeping the hideous combination of pink and gray.


I'm sure that somewhere some designer told them that the pink and gray is a perfect color brand because it embodies Hillary as a working woman and professional in the 'gray flannel suit' and her femininity.

In actual reality, it looks like a teenage vandalized a cement wall with her lipstick. For some bizarre reason, Team Hillary seems wedded to the grey look. But they have been experimenting with more Hopey looks for her.


They're calling this an "iconic" illustration. Team Hillary clearly wants it to be Hillary's Hope and Change poster. But it looks like a teenage girl's trapper keeper. There's the desperate attempt at adding some modern touches and gosh, that Ready looks like it's hand-drawn to give that edgy look that's a favorite of ad executives trying to create a youth brand, but it just looks like a cartoonish Hillary channeling Mao with a Myspace background.


For the baby who has nothing but debt, this is a perfect look. And it's bound to be full of crap, just like Hillary.


But if you're looking for some of that old nightmare fuel... oh no. It lives! It lives! Now I know why Mike was standing in the corner.

No one is ready for that. No one.