Jailed Greenpeace Activists Complain of Rats in Cells

Isn't Greenpeace in the business of forcing people to accommodate animals?


Apparently they like whales and dolphins, but not rats.

Dutch female activist Faiza Oulahsen revealed in a letter that she is held in 'in a dirty cell, alone, isolated from the rest'.

She wrote: 'Once in a while a rat crawls across the floor. I've lost weight and am not sleeping too well, but I am still holding my head high.'

She complains of having been denied the right to call home and not receiving most of the books and letters people are sending her.

She should have tried being locked in a Russian prison back when her fellow leftists were running the place. Her biggest complaint would not have been about not receiving enough books.

Faiza Oulahsen, who is clearly not Dutch, but probably a Tunisian or Moroccan Muslim immigrant or second-generation immigrant, could try the prisons back home. I suspect they would be much worse.

And isn't Greenpeace in the business of forcing people to accommodate animals. She should seek an accommodation with the rats. Maybe share some food with them. Teach them about the importance of Global Warming.

Humans are just invaders in their natural prison habitats.