"Get Those Crackers": Violent Assault Fails to Lead to Hate Crimes Charges

We truly are in a post-racial society


What do you expect? It's De Blasio time. Law enforcement imploded badly when Dinkins won. The cops got the message that it will be easier for them to collect their pensions if they stop interfering. And the cons got the message that New York City belonged to them.

Now that Bill de Blasio seems unbeatable, his base is starting to come out in force. And it's only going to get worse.

The area around Kings Plaza is not a bad neighborhood. I've walked down Avenue U to Kings Plaza plenty of times in the past. There's a bit of a swamp and some wildlife along the way. There is no subway access, but there's also a public school though and that's probably the source of the problem.

A group of 10 black youths blocked a white couple’s car in the New York borough of Brooklyn, brutally beating the husband and slamming the wife’s head into the pavement by her hair as they shouted racial epithets, officials said.

Ronald Russo, 30, and his wife, Alanna, 30, were stopped at a red light Monday night when the group crossed Avenue U at East 58th Street, the New York Daily News reported. Mr. Russo honked his horn when the light turned green to get the youths out of the way, but they then began kicking the car, according to the criminal complaint.

Mr. Russo got out to check if the vandals had damaged his car, but he soon was dragged to the ground and severely beaten.

Court papers documented the youths, ages 12 to 18, as screaming, “Get those crackers,” and “Get that white whore.”

Mrs. Russo was calling 911 when a 12-year-old girl pulled her by the hair and threw her to the ground, the Daily News reported. The victim’s head slammed into the concrete, and she suffered a black eye and bleeding.

Mr. Russo suffered a fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder, the report said. His iPhone also was stolen in the attack.

No surprise. These attacks easily translate into muggings. It's part of why they happen.

Kashawn Kirton, 18, of the Brooklyn neighborhood of East Flatbush was arrested with Daehrell Finch, 17, of Brooklyn’s Gravesend section, at a nearby Lowe’s parking lot minutes afterward. Mr. Finch was charged with gang assault, assault, menacing and harassment but does not face hate-crime charges.

Why would he?

But if the races were reversed, this would be another Yusuf Hawkins case. The New York Times practically became the Yusuf Hawkins paper for a while to help Dinkins get elected. We've still got a cottage industry for Yusuf Hawkins in New York. There was a 20 year commemoration recently. But it doesn't work the other way around.

Kirton, however, denied the charges to the New York Daily News, saying he was only arrested because he was wearing the same shirt as one of the attackers.

“I have relatives who are white. Cousins and stuff,” he added. “My school is mainly white. More than half my friends are white. I wouldn’t use words like that.”

We truly are in a post-racial society now.