Uncle Claims Muslim Terrorist Who Attacked Israeli Base was Just "Lost"

An open Koran was found in the driver's cabin,


Seems plausible. It happens to me all the time. I get into my bulldozer and first thing you know, I've rammed into an army base and soldiers are shooting at me.

The uncle of the Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist, who was shot dead after trying to carry out an attack in an IDF base, claimed on Friday that his nephew got lost and did not intend to carry out a terror attack.

"He got lost, the soldiers did not wait, they should not have shot him right away," the uncle of Younes al-Ubeidi was quoted by Channel 2 News as having said. "Younes had nothing against Jews."

Well that seems sincere. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding.

Thursday's incident began around 7 p.m., when the attacker drove a bulldozer to the gate of the Rama military base near the Palestinian town of al-Ram, southeast of Ramallah, close to Jerusalem's municipal border. A soldier guarding the gate approached the bulldozer, and the attacker tried to run him over. The soldier fled but the attacker pursued him in the bulldozer. IDF officials said the soldier took cover behind a concrete pillar, which saved him from being seriously injured.

"The preliminary investigation found that once the terrorist realized he couldn't run over the soldier, he moved quickly toward the inside of the base," a senior IDF official said. "After 150 meters, he reached a line of military vehicles and flipped one into the air."

The bulldozer later collided with another armored IDF vehicle.

Artillery Corps soldiers stationed at the base raced to the scene and opened fire at the attacker, wounding him. He died a short time later.

Okay, but maybe he was really just very confused and not good at operating bulldozers. Let's hear from his uncle again.

"He was a humble and optimistic person, who did not have any mental problems except for his anger over the death of his brother,” the uncle said.

Wait. The death of his brother? How did his brother die anyway? Did it by any chance involve trying to run over non-Muslims with a bulldozer?

His brother Marei was killed while carrying out a similar bulldozer attack near the Malha Mall in Jerusalem on March 5, 2009. Two Israeli traffic officers were lightly injured in the 2009 attack.

Let's get a little background on the older brother, who was apparently part of a family tradition of getting really lost while driving bulldozers.

A Palestinian driver rammed his bulldozer into a police car, rolling it over until it slammed into a bus at one of Jerusalem's busiest intersections on Thursday before police and a taxi driver shot him dead.

An open Koran was found in the driver's cabin, Niso Shaham, Jerusalem's deputy police chief, told reporters at the scene.

“Eyewitness Shuli Cohen told Israel Radio that Radaydeh had used the bulldozer’s front blade to flip over the police car. The two officers inside were lightly hurt, Israel Police said,” according to the report.

A taxi driver identified by the first name of Dor said he witnessed the bulldozer attack and was the first to shoot towards the Palestinian bulldozer driver.

"I saw the police car fly into the air. He flipped it over twice, then continued dragging it toward a bus that was stuck in traffic," he told Israel Radio adding he had fired four shots at the Palestinian and wounded him.

"Then a policeman came with his M-16 and finished him off finally," he said.

Here's some video of that cultural misunderstanding. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like this family really has trouble reading a Koran and driving a bulldozer at the same time.

Maybe it's time to take away their bulldozers until they learn to drink and operate heavy construction equipment like normal construction workers.