Media Matters Boss David Brock Calls Benghazi a "Hoax"

"I think every step of the way she did the right thing.”


What exactly is the hoax? The murder of 4 Americans? The lack of security provided by Clinton's State Department? The lack of military support provided once the attack was underway?

Or maybe David Brock wants to claim that the whole thing was shot in a movie studio just like the moon landing and that steel doesn't melt. It would be right up his crazy alley.

Media Matters founder and Hillary Clinton ally David Brock has co-authored a 90-page e-book called “The Benghazi Hoax,” a tome intended as a counterweight of sorts to criticisms of the former Secretary of State and President Barack Obama over the 2012 attacks in Libya.

The book, which comes out Tuesday, is as much about pushing back against criticisms by the right that Obama is a weak president who has hurt America in the world, Brock said.

A ridiculous claim.

If Obama were a weak president who hurt America in the world... would Al Qaeda linked groups have carried out a series of attacks against American diplomatic facilities on September 11 and murdered an American ambassador while Obama got ready to party with Jay-Z?

Wait... that's exactly what would have happened.

These groups are all relatively new and untested, he said. However, “Rand Paul, who may run for president, said that Benghazi was a disqualifier for Secretary Clinton for higher office, and you know, I mean, that’s baloney.

“And I think we show in the book that Secretary Clinton was involved in forming global anti-terror policies that were tough and successful moreso than I think the last administration’s [were],” Brock said. “She took responsibility for the security lapses even though [it was found] that she didn’t have knowledge of the reductions. That night she was engaged and a steady hand, and then after the fact, I think her focus was on trying to keep diplomats safe in the future. … I think every step of the way she did the right thing.”

Let's go on a magical journey following David Brock's logic here.

1. Hillary Clinton had great security policies

2. She took responsibility for the bad security policies in Benghazi... even though she didn't know about them... even though she was tasked with running the State Department

3. Hillary Clinton did the right thing every step of the way... including the steps where she did the wrong things

4. Hillary Clinton is super-qualified to be president because she didn't know anything was wrong and then didn't do anything to fix it and told Congress that it doesn't make a difference anyway

I think Brock needs a few more hits of whatever he was taking when he decided to roll out this argument.

The book offers a sweeping criticism of a number of Republicans, including last year’s GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, as well as members of the media. That includes but is not limited to several Fox News anchors, whom Brock describes as “hoaxters” interested in tarnishing Obama and Clinton, and, by extension, former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.

Don't forget Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, and Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, whose sons died in Benghazi, and who have criticized Obama and Hillary.

I sure hope David Brock found the time to get his best interns together and blast those "hoaxters" who won't leave Hillary alone for getting their sons killed.

“People have missed the fact that Benghazi was not only a tragedy, but it was a night of valor,” said Brock.

Yes, but the valor came from men like Tyrone Woods who disobeyed orders and did what was right without any backup or support.

“Politicians of both parties can be expected to be dragged through the mud, but I think there’s an element of the story that’s important, which was there was a dishonoring of men and women who try to keep us safe, for partisan political gain,” he said. “And I think there should be general agreement that politicizing a tragedy that results in American deaths crosses a line.”

What's that I hear? Fahrenheit 9/11? What's that again? Iraq War?

The men who keep us safe are men like Tyrone Woods. Hillary didn't try to keep us safe. Hillary tried to prep for a presidential run.

“There were 157 attacks on US [displomatic] facilities since 1998 and yet Benghazi is the most investigated event of its type in recent history,” Brock said

There were multiple attacks on diplomatic facilities on September 11. Not just Benghazi. And how many of those 157 attacks involved a diplomatic compound being penetrated and a US ambassador's body being dragged through the streets.

The book also addresses criticism of Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at State who was accused of trying to muzzle testimony from within her department.

She was accused of trying to muzzle people by the people she was muzzling. The accusations came from the whistleblowers she tried to intimidate and silence. Career State Department people.

Brock was adamant that people pay too much attention to the portion of Media Matters’ work that deals with the Clintons.

“I think that sometimes there’s inordinate attention to the work we do on the Clintons, because the media is obsessed with [the Clintons], especially lately,” he said.

Brock's ability to distinguish between his own Clinton obsession and the media has always been very poor. That's what got him where he is today.