Obama's "ObamaCare 13" in White House Speech includes 2 Muslims

It's a strange definition of diversity to have one black, one Latina, no Asians and two Muslims.


I just find it strange. Are Muslims now 20 percent of the country? They had to pick these people up from somewhere and that 'somewhere' was most likely political organizations linked to Obama.

The group isn't all that diverse. Comparatively speaking. There seems to be one African-American and one Latino prop in the 13. I don't see any Asians. But what looks to be two Muslims.

Of the 13 people who flanked President Obama during his speech defending Obamacare in the Rose Garden Monday, just three had successfully registered for the new Obamacare exchanges.

Of that 13, we have...

Malik Hassan, Prospective ACA Beneficiary

Malik Hassan works at a restaurant in Philadelphia.  Hassan, who does not receive coverage through his employer, is looking forward to enrolling for health coverage this fall.  He recently used Healthcare.gov to process his application and is waiting for the options for potential plans in Philadelphia.


Zohre Abolfazli, New ACA Registrant

Zohre Abolfazli has owned a small business outside of Nashville, Tennessee for almost twenty-five years.   Even though she has been able to maintain her health insurance over the years, it has been a challenge to find affordable, comprehensive health insurance in the individual market place.  Last night, Abolfalzi was able to register throughHealthCare.gov and now plans to comparison shop for the best plan that meets her budget and needs.

The bios don't come with religious identities, but at best their backgrounds are both from the Muslim world. We're entering a strange definition of diversity when that means having more Muslims on stage than any other minority group.

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