Obama Gives Speech Explaining Why Website Doesn't Work

He can't build a website for 50,000, but can provide insurance to a hundred million people


There is something historic in Obama, the man whose office used to be associated with such notions as "Leader of the Free World", giving a speech to explain why a website isn't working.

Of course that website cost somewhere in the neighborhood of half-a-billion dollars. That used to be a lot of money. But in Obama's era of 4 trillion dollar budgets, it's more like chump change.

Obama has as few answers to that question as Bangalore tech support and as many excuses.

The White House sideshow was still pathetic. It's something you expect the CEO of a dot com saddled with a terrible product to try pull. Instead we got yet a millionth teleprompter speech whose theme was that everyone but Obama screwed up.

Everyone. Yes everyone. Everyone but him.

Obama would like the country to believe that CMS, the government agency responsible for website integration and testing, couldn't handle building a website that 50,000 users could browse at the same time when given half-a-billion dollars to play with... but can handle providing insurance to a hundred million people... while saving money.

And how stupid do you have be to believe that?

Obama's successes begin and end with being elected. He can ram through gay marriage or illegal immigration, but he can't solve actual problems. Instead he keeps creating them and then blaming someone else.

It's gotten so bad that we get a speech blaming everyone else for a website that his appointee overspent on and mismanaged. Once upon a time, White House speeches dealt with serious things. Now they deal with Obama explaining why the half-a-billion dollar website for his terrible idea doesn't work.

(Hint: It's not his fault.) Bush did it.