"On Benefits and Proud" is the TV Show of the Welfare Generation

Welfare is the new entertainment

The UK's Channel Five offers "On Benefits and Proud" alongside "Shoplifters and Proud" and it's part of a genre like "We Pay Your Benefits".

The shows carefully stick to the UK's native working class and away from Eastern Europeans, Africans and Muslims making them basically politically correct despite their taboo thrill of denouncing welfare parasitism. The English viewer is not shown the Muslim preachers dealing drugs and living with 11 kids and 3 wives. It's not that they might not be up for the stardom, but there's still an underlying agenda.

Still it's revealing that this exists at all. And it would be nearly impossible to imagine this being made in the US. (Language warning.)

Or you can just skip to the new UK anthem.

Is this the new entertainment of the welfare state. As rising numbers of people simply drop out and go on benefits, society becomes divided between those who work and those who live off the dole.