One of the "ObamaCare 13" is the Mother of a Liberal Org's Abortion Expert

Leila, the unaborted, is an abortion expert. ObamaCare is also big on abortion.


The daughter is the abortion expert. Not the mother. If the mother had been more of an abortion expert, the daughter wouldn't be around to be an abortion expert.

During his big "My $600 million website is broken, but it's cool, just use the phone" speech, Obama gathered 13 apostles of ObamaCareness. These people predictably, like Chad Henderson, had ties to Obama Inc.

Meet Zohre Abolfazli, an ordinary woman, whose daughter just kinda sorta happens to be Senior Counsel for the National Women's Law Center and is extensively cited on Media Matters for her attacks on Republicans.

And that's not a coincidence. (hat tip: Creeping Sharia)

Zohre Abolfazli of Brentwood unexpectedly wound up standing behind President Obama on Monday as he defended the Affordable Care Act while admitting the failures of the government website that have prevented people from signing up for health coverage.

She was visiting her daughter, Leila Abolfazli, and her two grandsons in Washington, D.C., where the daughter works as senior counsel for the National Women’s Law Center, when the family got a call Saturday about an opportunity to participate in the presidential address. Leila Abolfazli told the organizer her mother was a fan of the law and explained why.

Leila, the unaborted, is an abortion expert. ObamaCare is also big on abortion.

Obama Inc. was trolling liberal orgs looking for fake "ordinary" people like Chad Henderson. And they found one. But the news story ruins the ordinary part.