Flesh-Eating Virus Joins Al Qaeda and Hezbollah in Syrian Civil War

It's not clear whether the flesh eating parasite is allied with Hezbollah or Al Qaeda


Perhaps believing that the straight Sunni vs Shiite grudge match of the Syrian Civil War was a little too boring, some flesh eating parasites decided to join the senseless violence.

Polio and the flesh-eating parasite, leishmaniasis, are among diseases that are suspected to be flaring up in Syria, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said this week.

If confirmed, the polio outbreak would be Syria’s first in 14 years.

“Doctors in Syria are also seeing a flare-up of typhoid, hepatitis, and the flesh-eating parasite, leishmaniasis, blamed partly on the inability to administer a proper vaccination program and partly on poor living conditions and a much-reduced access to health care,” the newspaper reported.

Leishmaniasis is reportedly thriving in the conflict-ridden Aleppo, where streets are filled with putrid and uncollected rubbish.

“Doctors recorded tens of thousands of cases of the tropical disease, transmitted by sand flies, that causes skin ulcers resembling leprosy,” reported The Telegraph.

It's not clear whether Leishmaniasis is allied with the Shiite or Sunni side. Or whether the disease transmitted by sand flies represents a third side in the Syrian Civil War making it the third point of a triangle.

Both sides in the conflict are already heavily armed and have allegedly used chemical weapons against each other, but they may be no match for an actual biological weapon.

The good news is that Paladin Labs in Canada has received FDA approval for a drug that takes down Leishmaniasis. The bad news is that Paladin's CEO and founder is Jonathan Ross Goodman.

With Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and a flesh-eating parasite now all fighting each other, there is less hope than ever for peace in the Middle East.