Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat

Soldiers were told evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were a threat to the nation

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This story would be horrible even if it wasn't taking place at Fort Hood. But it is taking place where Nidal Hasan was able to murder 13 soldiers despite repeatedly making it clear that he was all for Islamic terrorism because no one was allowed to hurt a Muslim's feelings.

Fortunately they're all over the real threat. The Tea Party.

Soldiers attending a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood say they were told that evangelical Christians and members of the Tea Party were a threat to the nation and that any soldier donating to those groups would be subjected to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

A soldier who attended the Oct. 17th briefing told me the counter-intelligence agent in charge of the meeting spent nearly a half hour discussing how evangelical Christians and groups like the American Family Association were “tearing the country apart.”

While a large portion of the briefing dealt with the threat evangelicals and the Tea Party pose to the nation, barely a word was said about Islamic extremism, the soldier said.

“Our community is still healing from the act of terrorism brought on by Nidal Hasan – who really is a terrorist,” the soldier said. “This is a slap in the face. “The military is supposed to defend freedom and to classify the vast majority of the military that claim to be Christian as terrorists is sick.”

The soldier said they were also told that the pro-life movement is another example of “radicalization.”

“They said that evangelical Christians protesting abortions are the mobilization stage and that leads to the bombing of abortion clinics,” he said, recalling the discussion.

This kind of liberal power play leads to conservatives being monitored while Muslims get to plan their next terror attack. The Clinton Administration did this and it led to September 11.

Now it's happening all over again.

No one responsible for Benghazi has been fired. But a man who tweeted sarcastic comments about Valerie Jarrett was purged by the White House.

This is where we are. This is what our national security looks like now. And the next terrorist attack and the one after that and the one after that.