Amnesty is the GOP Moment of Truth

If amnesty passes, then the Republican Party is finished and America is finished.


Senator Jeff Sessions has been fighting the good fight on amnesty, virtually alone, against a party that is rushing to destroy America out of a combination of bad motives, including the vain hope of securing Latino votes and pandering to a few big donors who claim to be fiscal conservatives but want the country to pick up the bill for their cheap labor.

If amnesty passes, then the Republican Party is finished and America is finished. The transformation of the country into a kleptocracy with a huge underclass and no middle class outside the government bureaucracy will be inevitable and unstoppable.

"The Senate bill will lower wages, increase unemployment, and reduce per-capita GNP. All of these statements are confirmed by the Congressional Budget Office," Sessions says in a statement.

"Under current law, we will provide approximately 10 million grants of permanent residency (green cards) over the next decade. Under the Senate bill, that number will triple to more than 30 million. Further, the Senate bill would double the number of guest workers at a time when a record 90 million Americans are outside the work force. We need to get Americans off of unemployment, off of welfare, and back into the labor force — but the ‘reforms’ proposed by the Senate would put even more Americans out of work."

"Many of the same CEOs demanding that Congress increase guest workers are laying off thousands of American workers.  This is a defining moment for the House Republicans. They must decide who they represent: certain activist CEOs lobbying Congress, or the national interest and the millions of Americans struggling to get by in this low job, low wage economy."

Unfortunately the "great hopes" of the Republican Party, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, etc have already decided. Aside from Ted Cruz who has come out against amnesty.

The only reason this is moving so slowly in Congress is that Republicans in the House are more worried about the consequences than in the Senate. But there's little doubt which way the establishment wants it. But that doesn't mean the establishment will get its way. Cruz has shown how a few principled legislators can stand up to the establishment. And amnesty is much worse than the debt ceiling.

Both however have things in common.

Amnesty and debt both trash the future for the present, extracting short term advantages for political hacks at the cost of the nation's future. They are both acts of criminal responsibility, a betrayal of the citizenry and the nation, by entitled interests with their own political and economic agendas and little concern for their consequences.