The Medicaid Over-Enrollment Isn't a Bug, it's a Feature

ObamaCare is a program that both sides of the public-private partnership want to destroy.


ObamaCare was supposed to be a deal between insurance companies and Obama.

The insurance companies would expand coverage and deliver the kind of coverage that Obama wanted... and Obama would charm\compel young people into signing up for health care plans they didn't need.

Both sides broke their end of the bargain for various reasons. Insurance companies haven't been able or willing to deliver rates that would actually appeal to younger users. Obama couldn't even deliver a working website which is a fatal blow if you're trying to market your product to younger consumers with money who aren't all that committed to begin with.

Obama is pushing his ad campaign, but the end result is tipped toward Medicaid enrollments. And that's not a bug. It's a feature.

ObamaCare is built to fail, in the long run or the short run. The preference of the Obama crowd is for single payer. That's a hard sell, but pushing Medicaid expansions is a step on the road to the eventual goal of nationalized health care.

ObamaCare was never going to appeal significantly to the people who don't buy insurance. Even the fines won't change that in a bad economy. The biggest consumers of government health care were always going to be the ones to clamber aboard in the biggest numbers. And even the idiots making the broken website knew that. It's probably one reason that they didn't try too hard.

Most people will end up signing up by phone or through community organization navigators who speak multiple languages.

Those companies in the insurance industry that backed ObamaCare are going to lose out. They've known it for some time. It's probably why they support ObamaCare in public, but aren't doing much to make it work either.

ObamaCare is a program that both sides of the public-private partnership want to destroy. With the troubles and the Medicaid overenrollments, insurance companies will want to destroy it more than ever. Meanwhile Obama will have gotten what he really wanted, another brick in the wall of an American NHS.