Obama Brings in Guy Who "Fixed" Cash for Clunkers to Save ObamaCare Website

Let's take the Cash for Clunkers approach and pay Obama to destroy ObamaCare.


It makes sense.

Healthcare.gov is certainly a clunker. And it swallowed up hundreds of millions in cash. Why not get the Cash for Clunkers guy to fix it the way he fixed Cash for Clunkers?

Jeffrey Zients is a rock star. And if you don't believe that, just read one of the 1,000,000 media stories about him calling him that. How is he a rock star? Well... he's the uh troubleshooter that Obama turns to uh fix things. Just let the media explain...

It was Zients, for instance, whom Obama turned to at an earlier point to unstick the "Cash for Clunkers" initiative. That 2009-2010 federal effort to lift auto sales out of the doldrums by underwriting dealer rebates to car buyers had stalled when the computer systems were overwhelmed with requests. Zients is credited with overseeing that fix.

And Cash for Clunkers went on to... 1. Hurt the environment 2. Make cars unaffordable for working families 3. Benefited mainly Japan

Zients performed a similar managerial feat to break a bottleneck on GI Bill benefits for post-9/11 vets.

As of 2013, delays in GI Bill benefits payments still appear to be a serious problem

Currently, student veterans are only able to track the status of their claims by calling the GI Bill hotline or interfacing with their school certifying official.

"The GI Bill hotline has elongated wait times and during periods of heavy call traffic the automated system instructs student veterans to call back at a later time. This process is highly inefficient and extremely frustrating to veterans."

That sounds oddly familiar. It's like ObamaCare. Except in education and for vets. Zients sure fixed that one good. He's not actually a tech expert, but who needs a tech expert to oversee a website?

"I think he's very well suited for the job. Look, he's not a technology expert but that's not what you need. You have a lot of technology experts being imported to help with this fix. What you need is somebody who can manage a team, lead a team, figure out what the most important aspects of things are and drive them toward a positive result," Malek said.

That's right. You just need management. More managers to manage the managing of the management. That will fix everything. Sure no one listened to the tech experts to begin because they were too busy managing them. And now they'll go on not listening to them, but telling them what needs to be done and by what date.

But Zients has some important qualities. He is...

1. A wealthy Obama donor

2. "Zients is drawing on his experience at the Advisory Board Co. (ABCO) and the Corporate Executive Board Co. (EXBD), the two consultancies he helped take public. While working at the Advisory Board, which studies best practices in the health-care industry, he helped found the Corporate Executive Board to provide more general research on corporate practices."

The Advisory Board Company has a certain amount of interest in ObamaCare... to put it mildly.

But I think we can all agree on a solution. Let's just take the Cash for Clunkers approach and pay Obama to toss ObamaCare and its website into a shredder.