Enforced Diversity in New York Fire Department Leads to Disastrous Results

The first court-ordered class of FDNY trainees — the oldest and most diverse — is flaming out.


Liberalism works as well as Communism. Not that it will stop the coming of De Blasio and the repetition of these same experiments with the same disastrous results.

Because the left never learns.

The first court-ordered class of FDNY trainees — the oldest and most diverse in history — is flaming out.

Halfway through the 18-week Fire Academy course, the dropout rate has hit a sky-high 15 percent and could climb to a third of the 318 who started on July 29, according to insiders.

So far, 48 have dropped out. They include 23 of 123 court-ordered “priority hires,” mainly blacks and Latinos in their 30s and early 40s who took the FDNY entrance exam in 1999 or 2000 but were passed over.

Four of eight women have also bailed. The eight were hailed as the most in an academy class since 1982, when a lawsuit forced the FDNY to bring on the first female firefighters.

In addition, an alarming number of “probies” have been injured — suffering sprains, fractures and other ailments — and put on medical leave, insiders say. Others teeter on the cusp of flunking out because they can’t handle the physical or academic demands.

An FDNY insider called the 15 percent attrition at the halfway point “huge, an amazing difference from a normal probie class.”

Shockingly enough, the kind of men who could climb to the top of the World Trade Center while it was burning in full gear are an elite. You can't make them happen just because a liberal judge gives an order.

The capper to the insanity wasn't just the diversity, it was bringing in failed examinees from 1999, 14 years ago. But Clinton judge, Nicholas Garaufis, a guy who probably hasn't exercised since 1999, decided he knew better. So he issued an order.

But of course the real fault lies with all the racism. It's racism that's causing the drop outs.

Vulcan Society president John Coombs questioned the FDNY’s commitment to helping minorities succeed.

“Some of those instructors are out to break them,” Coombs said. “It’s psychological warfare.”

He said physical demands, such as running a mile and a half in 12 minutes, are too strictly enforced. “We’ve never had so many injuries at the academy,” he said. “Are they overtraining the candidates?”

"Overtraining" is the new racism. Unqualified candidates got rammed through and they turn out to be unqualified. But if they're getting injured, it's the fault of... racism.

So the FDNY is predictably coddling them.

The FDNY also launched a program to prevent these new probies from failing, assigning lieutenants to each mentor trainees, giving them pep talks and tips on getting through the course.

Rank-and-file members call it coddling. “Do we have to wipe their noses too?” a veteran grumbled.