The Real Story About Bill de Blasio's "Huge Lead" is Uninformed Minority Voters

De Blasio is at 55 percent among white voters, but at 90 percent among black voters

The media has selected Bill de Blasio to be the next Mayor of New York. And it's become standard for local coverage to simply ignore Republican opponents even in big elections.

I doubt there is one in 100 New Yorkers who could tell you right now who ran against Andrew Cuomo for Governor. If they can, their memory of him will be limited to the gay jokes that the media kept making about him.

That's it.

There are 500 media stories about Bill de Blasio's huge lead. The lead is simply the product of non-stop media coverage of him. When the media mentions Joe Lhota, it's to slam him for something.

The same polls that the media quotes bear this out.

The New York Times/Siena College Poll for October 21-26 shows that while only 9 percent of white voters feel they haven't heard enough about Bill de Blasio, 20 percent haven't heard enough about Joe Lhota. Among Black and Hispanic voters, those numbers rise to 38 and 35 percent.

There's something very wrong when a third of minority voters don't know much of anything about a candidate in a mayoral election not long before it wraps up.

Bill de Blasio's huge lead is largely that of minority voters. De Blasio is at 55 percent among white voters, but at 90 percent among black voters and at 76 percent among Hispanic voters.

The huge lead is really a lead of uninformed minority voters swayed by class warfare and racial appeals and a media blockade on any negative coverage of Bill de Blasio or positive coverage of his opponent.

Bill de Blasio does best in the Bronx with 76 percent of the vote. That's appropriate because his policies will turn all of New York City into the Bronx.