Democrats Decide to Blame ObamaCare on Bush

Any day now they'll rename ObamaCare, BushCare.


Any day now they'll rename ObamaCare, BushCare. At least that's the general theme of the argument being made by the likes of Robert Reich and Paul Krugman claiming that ObamaCare was a Republican program even though it was...

...the work of a Democrat in the White House and was passed by a Democratic congress with no Republican votes... and has been fought tooth and nail by Republicans year after year.

So clearly it's the fault of the Republicans.

If you believe the Reich/Krugman talking points, then the Democrats generously adopted a Republican program, rammed it through against the wishes of the Republicans and built it into their brand because.... why?

This only works if you operate within the imaginary liberal universe in which Obama is a conciliator who bends over backward to work with Republicans. And then you can postulate that Republicans somehow forced Obama to champion their program which they opposed for reasons that no one who isn't a mental patient can understand.

The Democratic fallback position from ObamaCare is to claim that the Democrats are congenitally insane. And their insanity isn't even covered by ObamaCare.

The Democrats rammed through ObamaCare against good sense, economics and sanity. They did it against universal Republican opposition. And now they want a refund. Their signature piece of legislation is suddenly a Republican program because it doesn't do enough to wreck the health care system.

But the rule is, you broke it, you bought it.

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