Every Time Oliver Stone Writes About History, History Dies

Oliver Stone is too stupid to be cynical


For some inexplicable reason USA Today decided to give Oliver Stone some column inches to spew Stalinist drivel that would have sent any Soviet apparatchik to the sink with three fingers in his mouth.

Sadly Oliver Stone is too stupid to be cynical. Too red and too brain dead to feel any shame when pounding out sentences like, "Whatever moral authority the United States gained for helping the Soviets defeat Germany in World War II."

There are so many things wrong with that sentence, it's almost hard to list them all. If anything it was the Soviets, former allies of Hitler, who helped the United States defeat Hitler. The Soviet Union was losing a war of attrition that it survived with the help of American supplies. The idea that Soviet troops could have singlehandedly made it to Berlin without a western front is worth less than the leftover cocaine in Stone's vest pocket.

Worse still, Oliver Stone thinks that the United States gained moral authority from turning over Eastern Europe to brutal dictatorships, rather than from the liberation of Western Europe.

But that's just one sentence and Stone has a million of them. Or dozens at any rate.

Here's another one. "The U.S. invasion of Vietnam is the most egregious case of external aggression by any nation in the post-WWII era."

The only way to characterize Vietnam as an external aggression is by assuming that the Communists were the rightful rulers of Vietnam. Clearly Stone makes that assumption. But even if we take that ugly idea as a given, we are also supposed to assume that the Vietnam War was more egregious than the Soviet interventions in Hungary or Czechoslovakia or the Chinese atrocities in Tibet.

Clearly Oliver Stone thinks so, which tells you all you need to know about what a warped mind we're dealing with here.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. contains the names of 58,272 Americans who died in the war. Its message is that the tragedy of that wretched war was that 58,000 Americans died. The wall is 146 feet long.

Imagine a wall that also contained the names of all the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, and others who died. Such a wall would be over 4 miles long. It would not only be a fitting memorial to all the victims of "American exceptionalism," it would be a perfect tombstone for that most dangerous of American myths.

If Oliver Stone is fond of walls, what about a wall with all the Russians, Chinese and Cambodians, Cubans, North Koreans, Vietnamese and others who died under Communism?

At approximately 100 million names, that wall would be 100 miles long. It would be a fitting memorial to Oliver Stone's politics and the myth that the left is exceptional in anything but mass murder.