ObamaCare Regulations Stated 93 Million Americans Would Lose Health Plans

Obama knew this all along.


Remember Nancy Pelosi saying that we have to pass ObamaCare to find out what's in it? Well that wouldn't do much good, because in our collectivist bureaucracy, you have to read through the 11 million words of the ObamaCare regulations to find out what's in it.

If you make it to page 34,552, you find out something really, really horrible.

Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, allows people to keep their existing plans if they like them. But subsequent regulations from the Obama administration interpreted that provision so narrowly as to prevent most plans from gaining this protection.

“The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” wrote the administration on page 34,552 of the Register. All in all, more than half of employer-sponsored plans will lose their “grandfather status” and get canceled. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 156 million Americans—more than half the population—was covered by employer-sponsored insurance in 2013.

Another 25 million people, according to the CBO, have “nongroup and other” forms of insurance; that is to say, they participate in the market for individually-purchased insurance. In this market, the administration projected that “40 to 67 percent” of individually-purchased plans would lose their Obamacare-sanctioned “grandfather status” and get canceled

How many people are exposed to these problems? 60 percent of Americans have private-sector health insurance—precisely the number that Jay Carney dismissed. As to the number of people facing cancellations, 51 percent of the employer-based market plus 53.5 percent of the non-group market (the middle of the administration’s range) amounts to 93 million Americans.

So the fact that millions of Americans would lose their health plans was not some unintended consequence. It was the plan. It was the plan all along.

While Frank "Monkey Court" Pallone gets sent out there to scream that all the health plans were a scam that pulled by insurance companies which didn't want to sell them anymore, the truth was that the plan all along had been to make it impossible to sell and keep those plans.

The real scam is the "privilege" of being forced to buy an expensive plan whose real purpose is to subsidize health care for Obama's voting base that sees you paying larger premiums and higher deductibles, while they ride your back.

Obama knew this all along. It was the plan. And he's still lying about it.