The Left Will Get Its Crime-Ridden New York Back

Protesters chanted “No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police”

deblasio time3

Under Giuliani and Bloomberg there was a certain type of leftist who always whining because Times Square had been Disneyfied and the city was too gentrified and not as "wild" as it used to be.

The sorts of leftists complaining about it were traditionally veterans of the more dangerous New York. That didn't mean that they weren't likely to get their heads based in at 2 AM in the Village, but it meant they had some street cred at least. More pathetic are the college students who listened to them and decided to protest Stop and Frisk by booing Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The No. 1 victims of the loss of Stop and Frisk will be black kids killed in gang violence. But the No. 2 victims will be the very same idiots booing Ray Kelly and then coming home at 3 AM in Bill de Blasio's New York which will be every bit as safe as 1975 New York.

On their way to the event dozens of protesters chanted “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and “from NYC to PVD no police brutality” outside the event.

One protester held up a sign which read “this is murder.”

“Racism is not for debate,” shouted one protester.

“We want you to stop stopping and frisking people!” added another.

Actually murder is what Stop and Frisk prevents. But the good news is that under Bill de Blasio, the left will get what it wants. A dangerous crime ridden New York. The college students will flee, though not before some of them get raped, shot and stabbed, and the cops will go on being racist, they just won't fight crime.

Problem solved.