How the ObamaCare Meltdown Helps Hillary

2016 may come down to a Republican promising to trash ObamaCare and Hillary promising to fix it


Hillary's ratings are falling, but then again they were too high to begin with, reflecting the numbers of an apolitical figure. They were never going to stay that high going into a partisan political campaign.

The ObamaCare failure is really the present that she had been waiting for. Hillary's problem is that she's the Romney of the Democratic Party, the expected candidate that everyone expects to come out on top but that no one really likes much. Her only selling point is "experience" though the experience consists of being a First Lady, briefly a senator in a blue state, and a disastrous tenure as Secretary of State. But it's still more than Obama had.

Hillary needs Obama screwups to make the case that the Democratic Party should choose an experienced First Lady over another Hope and Changer spewing lefty dogma from a teleprompter. And a health care screw up is perfect, because it's right up her alley. If ObamaCare had somehow worked, there would be an unfortunate contrast between her health care failure and his success. But now she gets to tell supporters that if more experienced grownups were in charge, instead of overeager lefty kindergarteners who were good at Twitter but bad at policy, it would have worked.

The premise is debatable, but it's an edge and Hillary needs all the edge she can get.

If ObamaCare's woes drag on indefinitely, 2016 may come down to a Republican promising to trash ObamaCare and Hillary promising to fix it, which is why Republicans need to get a lot better at their timing in fighting this fight. Before too long they will no longer be up against Obama, but dealing with Hillary's pledge to make it work right. And the public may be more susceptible to the "Fix it" argument than Republicans expect.