Insane Socialist President of Venezuela Claims Hugo Chavez Face Appeared on Subway Wall

"Chavez is everywhere, we are Chavez, you are Chavez,"

He's not laughing with you He's not laughing with you

It's official.

Nicholas Maduro isn't crazy like a fox. He's just crazy.

Maduro, Chavez's successor, had previously claimed that Chavez had appeared to him in the form of a small bird, threatened those who wouldn't vote for him with an ancient curse, and has slept in Chavez's mausoleum.

So this was the natural next step... in the cult of personality which has taken on clear religious overtones.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said an image of his political idol and predecessor Hugo Chavez had appeared miraculously in the wall of an underground construction site.

Since his death from cancer earlier this year, socialist leader Chavez has taken on mythical proportions for supporters. Maduro has spoken of seeing his former mentor's spirit several times, including in the shape of a bird.

In the latest incident, Maduro said Chavez's face briefly appeared to workers building a subway line in Caracas in the middle of the night.

"My hair stands on end just telling you about it," Maduro said on state TV late on Wednesday, showing a photo of a white-plaster wall with marks that appear like eyes and a nose.

"Who is that face? That gaze is the gaze of the fatherland that is everywhere around us, including in inexplicable phenomena," added Maduro, who won an April election to replace Chavez after his 14-year presidency.

"Just as it appeared, so it disappeared. So you see, what you say is right, Chavez is everywhere, we are Chavez, you are Chavez," Maduro said during an event on live TV.

We are the Chavezes we have been waiting for.

If you want a preview of what will happen when Obama's policies completely collapse, the way Chavez's have, and his successor is forced to muddle along with his cult of personality, you could do worse than watch the Socialist meltdown in Venezuela.

At this rate, Venezuela will give up on modern industry and just turn to Chavez voodoo to make the crops come in.