Obama on Soros: "I’m Never F-ing Sitting with that Guy Again.”

Soros talked Obama’s ear off for 45 minutes. Obama was “annoyed and bored,”


Obama is easily bored. That much is obvious. He's an overgrown spoiled brat with ADD and no skills except the ambiguous one of manufactured charisma.

Double Down, the latest insider campaign book, is full of anecdotes about Obama being "bored" when dealing with his own allies, who actually knew what they were doing.

When the two of them golfed together in September 2011, an effort aides hoped would bring them closer, they did not even finish 18 holes. Mr. Obama succinctly expressed his view of Mr. Clinton to an aide after coming off the course at Andrews Air Force Base. “Obama grimaced and replied, ‘I like him ... in doses,’ ” the authors write.

Earlier in the year, “Clinton held Obama captive in the presidential limo” outside a fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, the authors write, grabbing Mr. Obama’s hand as he reached for the door. Instead of having a one-on-one meal together that night, as was planned, Mr. Obama, unable to “handle any more undiluted Clinton,” invited aides from both of their staffs to join the dinner and talked to them about their children, rather than talking about politics with his predecessor.

Then Obama was forced to ask Clinton to bail out his incompetent ass anyway. And Clinton's dishonest convention speech and debate prep are credited with helping Obama turn things around.

Obama couldn't be asked to talk to George Soros, unless Soros was giving him more money.

Earlier in this presidency, Obama met with billionaire George Soros at the Waldorf as part of an unsuccessful bid to get him to open up his wallet for outside groups during the 2012 campaign, as he’d done in 2004.

Soros talked Obama’s ear off for 45 minutes, giving the president unsolicited economic messaging advice. Obama was “annoyed and bored,” according to the book. “If we don’t get anything out of him,” Obama complained to aides afterward, “I’m never f-ing sitting with that guy again.”

The thing is, as irredeemably evil as Soros is, he knows a lot more about economics than Obama or any of his people do.  But Obama can't be bothered to listen to one of his closest allies unless he's directly getting something out of the exchange.

Obama is stupid because he never bothers to learn anything except how to manipulate people. And he's too convinced of his cleverness to bother learning anything.