Dem Senate Bill to Protect Right of Men to Dress in Women's Clothing at Work

300 pound men in dresses is the new civil right

How much makeup is this man wearing? How much makeup is this man wearing?

It's a good thing that Democrats are really taking this whole "economy" thing seriously.  Crop conspiracist Jeff Merkley really has his eye on the big issues.

Like forcing businesses to allow crazy employees to dress up in women's clothing. Because this is America France and this is what's really important. And any businesses who don't like it can move to China.

The Senate will hold a procedural vote Monday on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a gay and bisexual rights bill that also aims to protect people from workplace discrimination when transitioning from one gender to another.

The bill from Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) would make it illegal for companies, associations and government employers at all levels to use sexual orientation and gender identity as a basis for hiring and firing decisions, or to use these factors to discriminate against employees or applicants.

But the bill goes further than that by including language meant to protect people from discrimination when in “gender transition.” The bill gets at the idea of gender transition in Section 8, which deals with workplace dress and grooming standards.

That section says employers are allowed to enforce “reasonable dress or grooming standards.” But that right is conditional — employees who have gone through gender transition, and employees who notify employers that they are “undergoing gender transition,” must be allowed to dress in the manner of the gender “to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.”

That means 300 pound men in dresses welcoming customers to a business that they now run screaming from. Because crazy is a civil right.

Businesses hiring employees is no longer a right. Maybe Jeff Merkley, who looks like he occasionally likes to go out on the town dressed like Carol Channing, can mandate tranny affirmative action hiring quotas.

The bill itself, S. 815, does not define “gender transition.” A report on the bill from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee says senators decided not to define the term.

Which means it can mean anything at all. Official trannydom no longer even requires getting surgery. If you announce one day that you're a woman, businesses are obligated to cater to your insanity.

That's how we got boys in the girls bathroom in California.

But sanity may intervene with a doctor likely to run against Merkley, a crazy senator who is almost as obsessed with crop conspiracies as he is with men in dresses.

Monica Wehby, a well-known pediatric neurosurgeon, announced her candidacy in a Web video.

Wehby is the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Randall Children's Hospital in Portland, Ore. She has served on the American Medical Association's board of trustees -- a position she resigned Tuesday in order to run for office -- and previously served as president of the Oregon Medical Association.

"When I talk to small business owners they are very concerned about all these new regulations, new laws, new taxes coming out of Washington D.C.," Wehby says in an accompanying statement. "They don’t know whether to invest and grow their business, or hold back and see what happens to this economy. They don’t feel like they have a senator who is looking out for them.”

She's capable, qualified and legitimately wears a dress. So she's everything that Jeff Merkley isn't.

A government that wants to control every aspect of our lives? Tell me more.