Hagel Wants Negotiations with Iran, Not with States that Refuse Gay Benefits

Chuck Hagel is ready to go to war for gay marriage

"Wait till South Beach gets a load of us." "Wait till South Beach gets a load of us."

The good news is that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Iran's man in D.C., is ready to go to war. The bad news is that it's with the National Guard on behalf of gay marriage.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the head of the National Guard “to take immediate action” to ensure that same-sex spouses of guard personnel in nine states — including Texas, Florida and South Carolina — are allowed to register for full benefits an receive identification cards giving them access to military bases in keeping with a Pentagon policy that went into effect in September.

Despite the new policy, National Guard commanders in those nine states, which do not permit same-sex marriages, have refused to register gay "spouses" at guard installations. Instead, they have required same-sex "spouses" to travel to federal military installations to register for benefits.

As Allen West points out,

It seems Secretary Hagel needs a lesson as to exactly for whom the National Guard works. By law, the National Guard belongs to the governors of our respective states. Only in times of emergency can they be federalized, such as for combat deployments. However, President Dwight Eisenhower used that power in order to enforce school desegregation.

Bu you’d think Secretary Hagel might be more irate about the lack of readiness for our combat ground forces, considering the Army has only two trained and ready combat Brigades.

Hagel also made reference to the ongoing Obama administration negotiations with Iran. He believes the administration is doing everything possible to seek out a diplomatic solution with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

So Hagel will negotiate with Iran, but not with American states that refuse to roll over for Obama's rich gay donors.

And this is one reason why the gay lobby was so adamant about forcing the military to surrender to gay marriage. As a national institution, it can be used to ram the whole thing into every state.

What's Iran's view on gay marriage? It believes in hanging homosexuals. Maybe the media can ask that nice Hassan about that next time he appears at the UN.