Australian University Claims American Blacks Are Being Shot by Racist White Gun Owners

"Blacks are more likely to be shot....we thought there must be something happening with whites wanting guns."

Mad Max (1979) 1

I did a research survey which suggested that Australia was run by armed gangs of gun-toting lunatics. But that may have been just Mad Max.

Racism and guns go together. The conclusion wasn’t too surprising for researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University, which sought to better understand American gun culture.

And who better to understand America's homicidal gun mania than two foreign universities who think that America is just like the Wild West. I'm surprised they didn't throw obesity in there somewhere.

“There had already been research showing that ... blacks are more likely to be shot, so we thought there must be something happening between the concept of being black and some whites wanting guns,” Monash researcher Kerry O’Brien said.

It makes perfect sense.

White people love guns. Black people are being shot.

It's clear that they're being shot by racist white gun owners.

Sure, the actual statistics show that blacks are being shot by blacks, largely as a result of gang violence or violent disputes, but who are the facts to argue with Monash's finest?

“It is particularly noteworthy that the relationship between symbolic racism and the gun-related outcomes was maintained in the presence of conservative ideologies, political affiliation, opposition to government control and being from a southern state, which are otherwise strong predictors of gun ownership and opposition to gun reform,” said the study, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE .

Also people who think PLOS ONE is a stupid name and that Monash University should stick to research studies of why Mel Gibson isn't as popular as he used to be are strong predictors of gun ownership, opposition to gun bans and symbolic gun racism.

“As distant and dispassionate observers growing up in countries where there is 36 times less gun-related deaths — and gun ownership is extremely rare and well-regulated — we couldn’t make sense of why there would be resistance to gun reform in the U.S.,” O’Brien said. “Most of the logic for wanting to have a gun was illogical.”

I don't think Kerry O'Brien understands what the word "dispassionate" means. Or what the word "reform" means. Or the word "logic".