Bill de Blasio and the White Vote and Black Vote in 4 Maps

Joe Lhota decisively won the votes of Russian Jews in Brighton Beach

The New York Times has conveniently put up a fairly detailed map of voting results broken down by race. As usual, red is Republican and blue is Democrat.

de blasio race1

The map of areas with at least a 50 percent white population shows a basic split between middle class and working class whites in Brooklyn and the elites in Manhattan.

Staten Island is obviously red, but so are parts of Queens, Brooklyn and even the Upper East Side in Manhattan, not to mention the white enclaves in the Bronx near Riverdale.

Joe Lhota decisively won the votes of Russian Jews in Brighton Beach, sometimes by margins as big as the ones by which Communist candidate Bill de Blasio won the overall vote. Unsurprisingly Red Bill did not have a lot of appeal in a community founded by emigres from the USSR.

He also won the votes of white Catholics and Orthodox Jews in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn and the working class white vote in Bay Ridge.

Breezy Point, home of former Republican congressman Bob Turner, who held Weiner's old seat, and was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, is bright red with Joe Lhota winning 86%. That's also true of some of the white parts of Far Rockaway, including its large Jewish community, but the housing projects dumped near the beach come up blue.

The Upper East Side of Manhattan around Central Park as a good deal of red with Lhota scoring in the 70s. The same goes for parts of Battery Park. Those are wealthy areas.

On the other hand almost equally wealthy Yuckie strongholds in Park Slope and Greenwich Village turned out hard for their boy Bill de Blasio.

de blasio race2

Looking at the map of black areas however gives us lots of hard blue and very little red or even light blue reflecting the monotonous character of the black bloc vote.

De Blasio's vote is strongest in places like Harlem, East New York and Jamaica, the latter are basically miniature Detroits.

de blasio race3

Much the same is true of the Hispanic vote.

A final map that it's instructive to look at is the homeowner's map. In its own way it also says all that there is to say about this election.

de blasio homeowners