Woman Who Killed Kids Tries to Cash in on Lawsuit Against Government That Didn't Stop Her

Brewer slashed her daughter’s throat before drowning her and two younger brothers


The good news is that at least this is one child murderer who isn't running for Governor of Texas.

Brewer, 33, slashed her daughter’s throat before drowning her and two younger brothers in 2008, believing she was saving them from the deadly effects of voodoo. Hours after the killings, she survived two suicide attempts — swallowing a concoction of home cleaning fluids and later jumping out a second-story window.

She was found not guilty because of mental disease or defect in the deaths of the children, ages 1, 5 and 6, and was committed to a state psychiatric hospital. Since Leatrice Brewer was never convicted — instead found not guilty by reason of mental disease — legal experts say she could make a plausible case to receive some of her children’s $350,000 estate.

A hearing before Nassau County Surrogate Court Judge Edward McCarty next month will determine if Brewer is entitled to a share of the proceeds from two lawsuits the children’s fathers settled with the county; they claimed social workers failed to properly monitor the woman and children.

Caseworkers visited Brewer’s apartment two days before the killings and found no one home but neglected to schedule an immediate follow-up visit. Two social workers were later suspended.

I'm not sure why taxpayers were on the hook to the baby daddies of a crazy lady who murdered her kids in the first place. You can't sue the police for not preventing a murder with careful vigilance. But you can sue social services for not scheduling an immediate follow-up visit.

And it's not the social workers who pay. They stay in their cushy jobs. It's the taxpayers who pay. And since the children are dead, why are the lawsuit proceeds in an estate in their name?

Worse still, she managed to have yet another child while locked up. In a fan of sanity, the ruling came down that she wasn't entitled to the money.

Peter Kelly, a lawyer for Brewer, had said in court that the mother was seeking the estate money to block Innocent Demesyeux, the father of her two late sons, from getting any funds because he had abandoned Brewer and their boys.

But the taxpayers lose. Because decent hard-working people always lose in this system.

The judge must decide if the fathers of the victims qualify for the estate money. They won't have a right to it if McCarty finds they abandoned the children to Brewer's care, McCarty said.

So we'll then have an estate fund for dead kids, paid for by taxpayers, with no place to go.

Brewer's legal advocates said she knew that, even if she had won some of the $350,000, it would have gone to the state to help defray the more than $1 million in costs for her treatment and confinement.

So now taxpayers are on the hook for both the child-murderer and for her murders of her own children, when they could have at least used one to pay for the other.

As Don King would say, "Only in America." And maybe Sweden.

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