Outrage as Aussie PM Abolishes "Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee"

Prime Minister Tony Abbott risks a community backlash


Australia's new conservative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has begun making cuts.

On Friday, the government will also announce the immediate dismantling of a raft of government advisory bodies, expert panels and national steering committees.

The bodies scrapped are: Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee; Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Committee; International Legal Services Advisory Committee; National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council; National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing; Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee; Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula; High Speed Rail Advisory Group; Maritime Workforce Development Forum; Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing; Insurance Reform Advisory Group; and the National Housing Supply Council.

What is the Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee you might ask?

All researchers planning to carry out any investigation in the Australian Antarctic program that involves vertebrate animals (including fish), or cephalopods such as octopus or squid, must obtain ethics approval from the AAEC.

So if you're going to do any experiments on fish or squid, you have to get permission from the AAEC. Except now there will be no AAEC. So you'll just have to ask Aquaman.

Or as the Herald Sun is reporting the story, "Prime Minister Tony Abbott risks a community backlash but he said some of the 21 groups being abolished had "outlived their original purpose" and it was part of his pledge to cut bureaucracy and red tape."

A backlash from the squid community perhaps.

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