Obama's FDA Bans Margarine, Food that Tastes Good

If only we ban enough things, we'll reach liberal utopia.

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At least Marie Antoinette allowed the peasants to eat cake if they could get their hands on it. Michelle Obama and the FDA have decided to ban the peasants from eating cake.

The days of stick margarine may be numbered. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed banning artificial trans fats in processed food ranging from cookies to frozen pizza, citing the risk of heart disease.

Does the FDA have the authority to ban foods that are unhealthy? Apparently it now decided that its regulatory authority includes the power to ban junk food.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that he was encouraged by the FDA's move. "The groundbreaking public health policies we have adopted here in New York City have become a model for the nation."

The food fascism of our liberal overlords knows no limits. Liberals used to whine about getting the government out of their bedroom. Can we get their government out of our kitchens?

Many foodmakers have already lowered their reliance on trans fats as shoppers sought healthier choices, but the FDA identified some products that continue the trans fat tradition: cookies, frozen pizzas, microwave popcorn, shortenings, and margarines.

Products that still contain trans fats include some varieties of crackers, refrigerated dough, coffee creamers and ready-to-use frosting, among others. Some products will be harder to reformulate than others, FDA officials said.

Hydrogenation is a chemical process that converts liquid vegetable oils into solid or semi-solid fats. Partially hydrogenated oils extend the shelf life of foods, and certain types of popcorn, fish sticks, pies, donuts and pizza depend on trans fats for their taste and texture.

Companies wishing to include trans fats in their products would have to meet the safety standards applied to food additives and prove with reasonable certainty that they do not cause harm.

So get ready for the products you like to suddenly lose their taste or gain strange new tastes as companies scramble to try and make things work.

Oh and look for the cost of all that experimentation to get passed to you... courtesy of Big Sister and the FDA food fanatics.

“The F.D.A. is back,” said Marion Nestle, a professor in the department of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University.

They tried to kill the FDA in the first movie. They thought it was dead in the second movie when the summer camp it was stalking drowned it in the lake. But now it's back again and on the rampage.

The agency is already under pressure to ban the use of caffeine in energy drinks.

Forward! If only we ban enough things, we'll reach liberal utopia.