Eric Yoffie Demands American Jews Help Obama Stab Israel in the Back

“The status quo is simply not sustainable.”


Haaretz and Eric Yoffie are a dream team. If the dream is trashing Israel. And that's what Eric Yoffie's extended article, no doubt solicited by Obama Inc. in support of its policy of forcing Israel to make more one-sided concessions to Israel comes down to.

When it comes to Israel, there are two kinds of Jews: Those who believe that the occupation of the West Bank can go on forever, and those who don’t.

There are two kinds of people. Those who offer false choices. And those who don't

Eric Yoffie offers a false choice. A false choice meant to narrow the field. Either you agree with him and everything he's pushing. Or you believe in the "occupation".

Even if you don't believe that Israel should hold on to the West Bank, you may believe that

1. This is a decision that Israel should make

2. Israel lacks a peace partner

3. These kinds of false choices are how Israel got into this mess

This past week, Secretary of State Kerry addressed himself to the nothing-can-ever-change view of things. Speaking with a power and passion that we don’t always hear from him, Kerry delivered a simple, eminently clear message: Time is up. Disaster is at hand. And therefore a way must be found to arrive at a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that will end the occupation.

Which is the same message we've been hearing from diplomats and peaceocrats for twenty years. More than that if you count the decades before the Peace Process.

But this is the absolute very last chance because...

In private conversations, Administration officials have expanded on these points, laying out just how serious they believe the situation to be: European backing for Israel, already collapsing, will disappear; the Palestinians will go to the International Criminal Court over settlements and will win support throughout the world; and Mr. Abbas—who, whatever one thinks of him, opposes violence and terror—will step down a failure, to be replaced by who-knows-what, or perhaps by nothing at all.

European support for Israel has barely existed since the 60s and it never really existed then either. European opposition to Israel is becoming more blatant as Europe panics over domestic Muslim terrorism and turns to its old policy of using Anti-Semitism to appease domestic Anti-Semites. Except now the domestic Anti-Semites use prayer rugs and visit mosques before they go off to smash some Jewish store windows.

Abbas just spent a night partying with terrorists, again. Clearly disproving any such nonsense. He has claimed to be no different than Hamas.

But Yoffie passes down the Obama Inc. warning that...

1. The Pallies will go to the ICC

2. They'll have no leadership

You can make one of these claims, but not both.

Mr. Kerry chose bluntness and candor on his way to an emphatic conclusion: “The status quo is simply not sustainable.”

Certain that failure to move forward will be catastrophic, the Secretary of State wants to generate a sense of urgency from Israel that does not now exist, and he wants the support of American Jews.

It is not an overstatement to suggest that the Americans are simply stunned by Israel’s shrug-your-shoulders, everything-will-be-fine approach; Israel’s government, it appears, neither believes in the possibility of peace nor has any real peace plan of her own. In American eyes, this is a disastrous misreading of what is happening in the region and the world.

What exactly is this peace plan that Israel is supposed to have?

Israel has signed numerous agreements with zero result except more terrorism. Abbas, Eric Yoffie's sweetheart, only controls half the Palestinian Authority and no longer even bothers with elections.

Even assuming that he wanted to deliver peace, he has no ability to do it as long as Hamas controls Gaza and would beat him in elections.

Kerry and Yoffie are puffing hot air and babbling about an unsustainable status quo. I have news for Yoffie and Kerry. Life is an unsustainable status quo. You live, you get sicker and then you die. It's not about some eternal solution, but about making it through the next day, the next week and the next year.

That's how Israelis think. That's why they shrug their shoulders. They don't believe in progressive pie-in-the sky. They believe in survival.