Environmentalist Hugs Tree, Then Marries It

Marriage equality is truly transforming the world.

Marriage equality is truly transforming the world. First men marrying men. Then women marrying bridges. And men marrying trees. The sky is the limit... no wait, you can marry the sky too.

But first marry a tree.

It was love at first sight and now Richard Torres is the happiest man in the world after finding the wife of his dreams… a tree. No, this is not a typo.

The environmental activist decided to tie the knot to draw attention to global environmental issues.

The 33 year-old, who simply couldn't wipe the smile off his face, placed symbolic offerings at the bottom of the tree before exchanging rings.
Things heated up at the end of the ceremony when Torres planted a big wet one on the tree.

Torres is now hoping to branch out and take his message of saving the environment to other Latin American countries and the world.

Marriage equality and saving the planet. How can this plan go wrong?