Bulgarian Village Turns Out to Protest Syrian Refugee Camp

One of the protesters has threatened to set himself on fire


Syrian refugees don't want to go to Bulgaria. Those who are there don't want to stay there. And the Bulgarians don't want them there. They really don't want them.

A man from Bulgarian village of Telish threatens to set himself ablaze in protest against a planned opening of a refugee shelter in the village.

One of the protesters against the opening of a refugee shelter in the north-western Bulgarian village of Telish has threatened to set himself on fire if a shelter opens in the village, informs BNT on Thursday.

People from Telish continue their protest against the Bulgarian government's plan to open a shelter of a closed type in an ex-military base in the village.

Syrian refugees who will be accommodated in the shelter in Telish are people that have been left without a home and who have been through a lot, said in a phone call for BNT The Chair of State Agency for Refugees, Nikolay Chirpanliev in an attempt to ease the unrest of the local people over the proposed refugee camp.

Chirpanliev assured the protesting people that only people who are in need are housed in the agency’s camps and there are no criminals between them and invited the protesters to a meeting over a phone call to BNT, but they firmly rejected the invitation.

Who knew the Tea Party had made it to Bulgaria?

Protesters vow to continue until ‘victory’ – i.e. an official decision by the government to cease any work on the proposed shelter, informs bTV.

Local people have built a barricade that blocks a small local road from Telish to the former military base, in order to prevent work on transforming part of the base's building into a camp for housing of refugees.

If more Europeans did this kind of thing, their countries wouldn't be overrun by Muslim settlements.

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev has assured residents of Telish that their fears of a construction of a refugee shelter in the village will be taken into account.

Minister Yovchev has issued an order for temporary cease of the construction of the shelter in Telish in order the state to address the fears of the local people, informs Focus News Agency.