Hulk Actor Claims Oil Causes Typhoons

"What happened in the Philippines must be stopped. Fossil fuels are enemy #1 to mankind."


Hulk not very smart.

I know I'm hitting you with a lot of heavy things. What happened in the Philippines must be stopped. Fossil fuels are enemy #1 to mankind.

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 11, 2013

Wait. We're going to stop typhoons? With solar panels and windmills? I doubt even the Incredible Hulk can pull that one off.

I'm starting to have the uncomfortable feeling that a lot of liberal Warmists now believe that weather began around the same time as the internal combustion engine and the smokestack and that if we just get rid of them, the gods of Global Warming will be appeased and the terrible winds and torrential rains will cease.

In Mark Ruffalo's world, there were no typhoons before the industrial revolution. And the typhoon now was caused by the huge industrial capacity of the Philippines.

But don't worry. If you like your standard of living, you can keep your standard of living.

@fredsavage12 We don't have to give up anything to move to renewable energy. Just fossil fuels and ideological positions.

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 12, 2013

We don't? Really?

Someone should tell UK seniors freezing because of Electric Poverty caused by Green Energy.

@dmorgan175 In a few years it will be cheaper for renewables but when you back out subsidies wars and health care renews are already cheaper

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 12, 2013

Wait? What?

Wow it seems I touched a nerve. Good. We can now transition to Wind Water and Sun energy harvesting. Cheaper, more stable, infinite,healing

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 12, 2013

On next week's Oprah, infinite healing WindWaterSun energy. Just close your eyes and tap into the healing powers of WINDWATERSUN.

@IPriscillia: @Mruff221 What do u think of this boat? Please it only works with solar energy. It´s cool” love it!

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 11, 2013

A boat that only works during the day. How revolutionary.

Which of you guys donated to SolarSchools?

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 11, 2013

Sure your children may be learning... but are they Solar Learning?

100% renewable energy is not radical. It can be gentle and smart, good for our economy and good for our health, also stabilizes weather.

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 12, 2013

Also the windmills will make our hair shinier with their natural windy goodness.

It's interesting to see how nasty some folks get over this debate. I wonder why it's so threatening to them. Why do they get so angry?

— Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) November 12, 2013

It might be the poverty and freezing to death thing. Can be hard for a wealthy celebrity to understanding while Solar Learning on a Solar Yacht.

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