Pro-Israel Activists Ask Miley Cyrus to Boycott Israel

"We demand, that Miley Cyrus perform as many shows as it will take to destroy Israel."


In a major strategic shift, Pro-Israel activists have responded to the threat of a Miley Cyrus concert with urgent pleas to the singer to boycott Israel.

While urging talentless musicians to boycott Israel, with varying degrees of success, has traditionally been limited to the BDS movement which protests Zionist cosmetics, denounces Israeli dates and leaves angry messages on the Facebook pages ordering singers not to perform Israel. But now pro-Israel groups are also getting involved in BDS.

"Dear Miley,

"Do you know that Israel is not only occupying parts of the Ottoman Empire, but that all of Machane Yehuda is an open-air concentration camp where bewildered people hunt for food, fighting with each other over scraps as mobs jostle each other?

Do you know that Israel is in violation of over 80,000 UN Resolutions, like UN Resolution 75293B Expressing the Concern of the International Community Over the Availability of Lettuce in Gaza, UN Resolution 43280C Mandating that Israel must cooperate with the International Oppressed People's Cultural Lettuce Covenant Commission and UN Resolution 40233 Expressing the Sentiment that Israel's efforts to starve the people of Gaza with its lettuce ban must cease?

Did you know that Israel does not allow non-Jews to enter its two holy cities, Mecca and Medina? Did you know that Israel is not only responsible for the Syrian Civil War, but also for Global Warming, the Boer War and the War of 1812?

Do you know that Israel's constitution explicitly forbids anyone from Belgium from visiting the country? How can you support such Anti-Walloonian racism?

Those of us in the peaceloving community know that the only way to bring change is by being the change we want to bring. And in this spirit of change-bringing, we ask that you respectfully observe the boycott declared by the Hampshire College Marxist Students Collective and stay out of Israel."

Jewish Voices for Peace, Muffins and a Reverse Boycott of Israel


Taken aback by the sudden support, BDS boycotters have reversed course and demanded that Miley Cyrus immediately perform in Israel.

"Every second, Israel drops thousands of tons of bombs on Gaza," said Saed Ahmadi, of the Campus Coalition for Destroying Israel. "It's only right that the Zionist devils should suffer a much worse bombing of this kind. We not only insist, but demand, that Miley Cyrus perform as many shows as it will take to destroy Israel. This will be her contribution to Islam."