Two Clinton Judges Forbid NYPD from Responding to Anonymous Tips

Cops must now investigate anonymous 911 calls before they can investigate the crimes being reported.


The De Blasio "Olly olly criminals go free" crime wave is getting an early start thanks to more illegal intervention by Federal judges. And of course they're Clinton judges.

A panel of Manhattan federal judges says cops must now investigate anonymous 911 calls — before they can investigate the crimes being reported.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned the conviction of an ex-con caught by cops carrying a gun in 2011 as two of the three judges on the panel found the anonymous tips the officers relied on didn’t offer enough “reasonable suspicion” for them to stop and search the defendant Joseph Freeman.

“The fact that the call was recorded and that the caller’s apparent cell phone number is known does not alter the fact that the identity of the caller is still unknown, leaving no way for the police (or for the reviewing court) to determine her credibility and reputation for honesty — one of the main reasons tips from known sources are afforded greater deference than anonymous ones,” wrote Judge Rosemary Pooler, who, along with Judge Christopher Droney, supported reversing the conviction.

Speaking of credibility and honesty, Rosemary Pooler is a failed Democrat who tried to run for Congress and was finally handed a judgeship by Clinton.

Christopher F. Droney is another failed Dem political hack who was handed a judgeship by Clinton and a spot on the Appeals Court by Obama.

And together they're taking us back in time to the 70s when soft on crime was the way to go.

The obvious casualties here are ordinary New Yorkers who will now get even worse police responses. And when a woman being murdered calls and is unable to properly hand over her information, cops will have trouble doing anything about it.

Thanks to Judge Droney and Judge Pooler... and Obama and Clinton.

Judge Richard Wesley, the lone dissenter, took a more common sense approach to law enforcement, writing: “This is not a case where a stranger in a muffled voice made a call from a payphone, or where someone dropped off an anonymous note.

Wesley is a Republican who was nominated by George W. Bush.

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