Liberals vs Democrats on ObamaCare

The Democrats are beginning to act like Republicans


Considering that the Democratic Party's highlights in the last century were FDR, JFK and Bill Clinton, the liberal program is indivisible from the party identity.

The conservative Democrat is mostly an endangered species. Those who remain are generally unprincipled hacks who fake right and then head left. They only stay conservative enough not to piss off their constituents too much.

So unsurprisingly the party went along with Obama's Great New Frontier Deal Society. He was popular and his programs were typical enough, if extreme versions, of the sort of thing the Dems had become. The alliance of billionaire liberal donors supplied the dough, the media did PR and everyone just sat on the train and let it roll forward.

Until the train went off the rails.

Millions of people, quite a few of them Democrats, are losing their policies and facing massive increases. is still a disaster area. Obama is starting to look like an incompetent liar. A lot of the country is suddenly starting to see him the way that Republicans do. Add on the 2014 elections and the disaster begins to threaten the Democratic Party.

Most Dems remember the midterm massacre of 2010. And they also remember that they climbed on top in 2006 after Bush began to drop. If the Republicans hit them this hard on ObamaCare in 2010. What happens in 2014 now that the ObamaCare horror show isn't a bunch of protests, but a daily reality?

For the first time since Obama took office, the Dems are really panicking. And the libs are furious.

Liberals are furious at the "weak" Dems who won't stand and fight. The problem is that the Dems did trot out the Think Progress talking points about scam insurance and those talking points were

1. Complete lies that just pissed off people even more

2. An implicit admission that Obama lied

The libs have only one plan. Stay and fight. It's worked for them so far because of a weak and diffident Republican leadership. But their position is too weak now and the Dems are not interested in dying on ObamaCare Hill.

And the desertions are beginning.

For the first time in quite a while, the Democrats are beginning to act like Republicans, their political hack instincts are coming to the fore, they're criticizing their party and trying to figure out how to run against Obama and ObamaCare in 2014.

Liberal leadership worked out well for the Dems to some degree. There was plenty of money and the Dems did take Congress, though they lost the House fairly quickly thanks to ObamaCare.

But now the libs have completely failed to deliver. It's not just that ObamaCare is controversial, it's a mess. If were working and Obama hadn't gone around promising that everyone could keep their plans, the Dems might have been more willing to stand by the cancellations. But instead the libs look incompetent, for the first time, and the Dems don't want to follow people who don't seem to know what they're doing, but keep demanding that they fight to the death for it.