Kerry Bribes Palestinian Muslims w/$75 Million in Aid to Want Peace

If you have to be bribed to want peace, then you don't want peace.


If you have to constantly be bribed to want peace, then you don't really want peace. You just want someone else's money.

Secretary of State of John Kerry announced a $75 million dollar boost in “aid” to be handed over to the Palestinians while meeting with Mahmoud Abbas today.

“US officials say the aid is designed to boost Palestinian public support for faltering peace talks with Israel by showing them tangible benefits from the process.”

In reality much of that money will be funneled into "well-connected" businesses in a system that runs on monopolies for people who happen to be related to Palestinian Authority leaders.

Kerry is bribing influential figures in the Palestinian Authority to accept an Israeli surrender to be delivered bu Kerry.

US infrastructure spending on the Palestinian Authority alone is up to $100 million. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama's visit to the Palestinian Authority in the spring led to the release of $500 million to the Palestinian Authority that had been blocked by Congress. But apparently that $500 million didn't sufficiently convince them to want peace.

Nor does the money that the US sends through the UNRWA or any other more convert means. But I'm sure that last $75 million will finally convince them to want peace.

Considering that 62% of them support suicide bombings against civilians, all the billions of dollars in US aid that came before didn't make a dent... except in our budget.