Obama Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Supporting US Ambassador Who Lost Egypt

And the Muslim Brotherhood's biggest GOP fan in the Senate is fine with that.


It's easy to get promoted by Obama. Just ask Susan Rice. Screwing up the country's foreign policy is a stepladder to the top.

Hillary Clinton presided over a State Department that got nearly everything wrong about everything, culminating in a completely foreseeable and preventable attack in Benghazi,  and she's the default Dem candidate for the White House in 2016.

If only she had somehow managed to get a dozen ambassadors killed, she would really be a shoo-in.

Susan Rice couldn't get the Secretary of State job because of pesky Republicans complaining that she lied. So she's Obama's Nat Sec advisor instead and further up the ladder.

And now it's time to promote Anne Patterson, the obsessively Muslim Brotherhood supporting US Ambassador to Egypt whose threats against the Copts and slavish Morsi worship alienated Egyptians.


And the Muslim Brotherhood's biggest GOP fan in the Senate is suddenly fine with that.

When Egyptians took to the streets in huge numbers in an action that led to the army deposing the Morsi administration, they also protested the United States ambassador to Egypt. Anne Patterson was seen as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge who supported the Islamist group even as they were oppressing the population of Egypt. As we reported at the time, Patterson was called “the first enemy of the revelation” and was even more reviled in the protests than Mohammad Morsi.

Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham has taken the position of blocking any nominations to government positions until he receives answers from the State Department over Benghazi. This move has now been shown to be a political stunt with no true teeth as he has lifted the ban for Anne Patterson. If Patterson’s nomination passes the rest of the Senate, she will become the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

Instead of being limited to supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Patterson will have the power to provide the support of the United States government for the Islamist organization across the Middle East.

When asked if the State Department gave Graham anything in return for the lifted holds, the spokesperson said “no.” A State Department official concurred: “I don’t think there was anything — just acknowledgment of them as imp[ortant] posts.”

I just bet.