NYPD Commissioner Blasts Bill de Blasio, Warns of Dem Party Extremism

“The reality is the Democratic primary is controlled by extreme elements of the party. "


I'm not Ray Kelly's biggest fan, but he's obviously right. Most urban Democratic Party establishments have been taken over by the radical left.

It took a while for it to really sink in over in New York City, but we now have a Democratic Party where a small number of radical groups like ACORN and a bunch of loons obsessed with banning horses in Central Park can take over the primaries and elect Red Bill as the default candidate.

This is really an argument for either eliminating party identification on ballots in New York City or not electing Democrats until the party primaries stop being controlled by extremist groups.

All-but-out-the-door NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly probably wouldn't have stuck around even if Bill de Blasio wanted him to. “The reality is the Democratic primary is controlled by extreme elements of the party. The candidates know that, so they have to go to extremes themselves,” Kelly tells Playboy in the December issue. “They were pandering to get votes.” Asked if the candidates were “just full of shit,” Kelly responds, “Absolutely.”

And they acted like his buddies! “I resented it,” Kelly says of being used as a punching bag in the mayoral debates. “They’ll say or do anything to get elected. I know all these people. They all claimed to be friends of mine up until their mayoral campaigns. They’d call me on the phone and ask for information or come over here and sit in this chair to get briefed.”

“I’m talking about all of them,” he adds for clarity.

Kelly defends his record,

“Notice what they never talk about — the lives being saved,” Kelly said. “During the past 11 years we had 7,363 fewer murders than we had in the 11 years before.

And Kelly said the city has thwarted 16 terror attacks, including ones on the subway system, the New York Stock Exchange, Times Square and JFK Airport.

But who needs good policing anyway? Bill de Blasio is reportedly considering appointing semi-lesbian Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon to a post in his administration.