If You Don't Trust Americans to Choose Their Own Health Insurance...

The elitism implicit in progressivism makes deceit mandatory.


... Why would you trust them enough to tell them the truth that they won't be able to choose their own health insurance?

The elitism implicit in progressivism makes deceit mandatory.

If Americans are little more than apes who can sorta be trusted to drive cars, but not to pick them out, then they aren't advanced enough to be told the truth. And indeed that is the rationale that was advanced for Obama's plan lie.

It's behind the resistance to the Upton Keep Your Plan Act.

If Americans are too stupid to know what's good for them, then you have to lie to them and lie to them some more. When they lose their plans and get outraged, tell them that their plans were bad substandard scam plans.

Progressives lie casually because they don't view the people whom they are lying to as being advanced enough and evolved enough to be worthy of the truth.

And if they did believe the American people deserved the truth and deserved to make their own choices, they wouldn't lie to them.

That's what this conflict is really about. That's what the clash between Socialism and the Free Market, between slavery and freedom is about.

The left doesn't feel bad about lying, because it doesn't view the people it is lying to as having the same degree of personhood, intelligence and legal rights as they do.